The High Plains Draughters Recipe Database

Grand Cru
contributed by Tim Nagode on 1996-10-06
makes 5 gallons

Ingredients List  

10.5 lbs Pilsner malt
1 lbs Aromatic malt
0.5 lbs Wheat malt
1.2 lbs Dark Candi Sugar
1 lbs corn sugar
1 lbs clover honey
3.5 AAUs Perle pellets (60 minutes)
1.5 AAUs Saaz plugs (45 minutes)
1.5 AAUs Saaz plugs (20 minutes)
0.5 oz Bitter Curacao Orange Peel (20 minutes)
0.5 oz Ground Coriander (7 minutes)
19 ml Lactic Acid Solution (1 mole/liter at bottling)
yeast cultured from a bottle of Affligem Triple
Lalvin EC 118 Champagne yeast

Brewing Notes  

Crush grains and mash in with 13 quarts of 135 degree brewing water to reach mash in temperature of 124 degrees. Hold for 30 minutes protein rest. Boost temperature to 154 degrees and hold for 2 hour starch conversion. Boost to 168 degrees for 5 minutes mash out. Sparge with 4.5 gallons 170 degree brewing water. Boil for 90 minutes.

Fermentation Notes  

Primary fermentation in glass for 4 weeks at 65 degrees. Secondary in glass for 4 weeks at 65 degrees. Pitch Lalvin yeast for secondary fermentation. Primed with 1 cup corn sugar and fresh Affligem yeast.


Original gravity: 1.086
Final gravity: 1.012

Competition Record  

Tim Nagode, 1st place Spice and Herb Beers, 1996 Greater Wichita Homebrew Competition
Tim Nagode, 1st place Herb & Spice Beer, 1997 Bluebonnet Brewoff