The High Plains Draughters Recipe Database

Sherwood Special Bitter
contributed by Tim Nagode on 1996-10-06
makes 10 gallons

Ingredients List  

9 lbs DWC Pale malt
5 lbs Northwestern 2-row malt
2 lbs toasted NW 2-row (350 degrees for 15 minutes)
1 lbs crystal (40L)
1 lbs carapils
1 lbs wheat malt
33 AAUs Nugget (60 minutes)
7.7 AAUs E.K. Goldings (30 minutes)
9 AAUs E.K. Goldings (dry hop, 5 days)
Wyeast 1968 ESB English Ale

Brewing Notes  

Mash in with 18 qts. water at 162 degrees to reach 145 degrees. Hold for 90 min. starch conversion rest. Sparge w/ 6 gal. water at 165 degrees. Boil for 90 min.

Fermentation Notes  

Primary fermentation should last at least 5 days at 60-65F. When it is complete, rack to another carboy, add dry hops in sanitized hop bag and let stand 5 days. Remove dry hops and fine with 1 tsp. Isinglass per 5 gal. Force carbonate in keg or bottle with 5/8 cup (or less) corn sugar.


Original gravity: 1.045
Final gravity: 1.01

Competition Record  

Tim Nagode, 2nd place English Bitter, 1996 North Texas State Fair Homebrew Competition