The High Plains Draughters Recipe Database

Olde Kentuck
contributed by Brian Northup on 2006-06-07
makes 4 gallons

Ingredients List  

1.5 lb John Bull LME syrup
1 oz East Kent Goldings pellets (steep 5 min)
4 lb Muntons dry LME
0.33 cups Dark Molasses
3 lb Maris Otter Pale Malt
1 lb Pauls Mild Ale Malt
0.7 lb Pauls 65L British Crystal
0.45 lb Pauls 135L English Crystal
0.36 lb Torrified Wheat
0.48 lb Cara Pils Malt
0.36 lb Special B malt
0.1 lb Weyermann's de-husked carafa choc malt
1.25 oz Challenger hop pellets, 7.1% alpha (90 min boil)
1 oz Fuggles hop pellets, 4.2% (10 min boil)
1 tube White Labs WLP013 , London Ale Yeast
2 tsp gypsum
1 tsp Irish Moss
2 oz White oak chips (freshly toasted, 450 F till red)
2 oz Hungarian oak 'beans' (medium toast)

Brewing Notes  

Dough-in with 160F water (2 gallons) and stabilize at 156F for 80 minutes. Add 190F water as required to maintain temperature. Raise temp to 165F for 5 minutes at finish. Run a limited sparge through grain bed till 5 gallons attained for boil. Run a 100 minute boil, adding boil hops at 90 minutes. Add finings in last 20 minutes

Fermentation Notes  

Pitch an active culture in a 0.6 L starter. Run primary fermentation at 67F for 3 weeks. Rack to secondary and age with bourbon-soaked (for 1 month) oak chips at 58 to 65F. Ideally, don't rack till the chips sink to the bottom (maybe 5 months). Bottle with 0.5 cups brown sugar and 2 tbsp dry LME.


Original gravity: 1.088
Final gravity: 1.02

Competition Record  

Brian Northup, Honorable Mention 22.C. Smoke flavored & wood aged beer, Regional phase, 2006 National Homebrew Competition
Brian Northup, 1st 22.C. (base style Cat. 19.A.), Extract Beer, HPD Club-Only Competition, 2006
Brian Northup, 3rd 22.C. (base style Cat. 19.A.), Extract Beer, National Club-Only Competiton, 2006
Brian Northup, 1st 22. Smoke & Wood-Aged Beer, 2006 FOAM Cup