The High Plains Draughters Recipe Database

Chickashator Aventinus
contributed by Gary Shellman on 2006-04-12
makes 5 gallons

Ingredients List  

7 lb German 2-row pilsner
4 lb German wheat malt
1 lb American cara-pils/dextrine malt
0.6 lb American 60L crystal
0.25 lb British Choc Malt (350L)
0.15 lb Britsh Carastan Malt (26L)
0.75 oz Hersbrucker Hallertau pellets, 4.1%, 60 min boil
0.25 oz Hersbrucker Hallertau pellets, 4.1%, 3 min boil
1 tbsp finings, 20 min boil
32 oz WLP 300 Hefeweizen yeast in starter

Brewing Notes  

Single step infusion with 1.2 qts water/lb grain before other additions of water. Mash grains at 152F for 90 minutes. Add 1 gallon boiling water and raise mash to 168F and mash out for 10 minutes. Sparge with 170F water for 35-45 minutes. 75 minute boil time.

Fermentation Notes  

Pitch a 32 oz starter. Wort was highly oxygenated at pitching. Ferment primary at 70F for 7 days and secondary for 20 days. Wort fermentation temperature started at 58F, and was 60F after pitching starter. Primary fermentation can be described as 'active' - it blew through the airlock and painted the wall all the way to the ceiling.


Original gravity: 1.076
Final gravity: 1.009

Competition Record  

Gary Shellman, na na, found by 3 of 4 BJCP judges to be real "Avent
Gary Shellman, 3 of 4 BJCP judges said was real 'Aventinus&# n/a, n/a