The High Plains Draughters Recipe Database

Bad Dog American Brown Ale
contributed by Brian Northup on 2006-03-31
makes 3.0 gallon

Ingredients List  

1.5 lb American 2-row malt
0.5 lb Dingemans Belgian Pale Ale Malt
0.5 lb Durst Light Munich Malt
5 oz 120L American Crystal
4 oz 10L American Crystal
2 oz Durst Cara Foam Malt
2 oz Weyermans De-Husked Carafa Choc Malt
1.4 lb Alexander Light LME
1 lb Laglaander Light DME
16 grams Northern Brewer Pellets, 6.8% aplha; 90 min boil
10 grams Willamette pellets, 5.2% alpha; 30 min boil
8 grams Willamette pellets, 5.2% alpha; 15 min
16 grams Liberty pellets, 3.6% alpha; dry hop (2 weeks)
1 tsp Gypsum
0.25 tsp Calcium Chloride
1 tube White Labs WLP 001, Calif. Ale Yeast

Brewing Notes  

Mash in at 125F for 20 minutes with 1.5 gal water. Raise temp to 152F with 0.5 gal 175F water, maintain for 70 minutes. Raise to 158F for 20 minutes. Strike-out at 170F for 5 min. Sparge with 170F water till 4.2 gallons attained. Total boil time - 100 minutes. Distilled water used. Mini-mash with 45% fermentables from grains (planned).

Fermentation Notes  

Run primary at 70F for 7 days. Rack to secondary and run 2 weeks at 67F.


Original gravity: 1.056
Final gravity: 1.014

Competition Record  

Brian Northup, 3rd American Ales (10A-C), High Plains Draughters COC, 3/2006