The High Plains Draughters Recipe Database

contributed by Bob Rescinito on 1998-03-15
makes 5 gallons

Ingredients List  

6 lbs Briess 2-row
4 lbs wheat malt
1 lbs carapils
1 oz Tettnanger pellets (4.7% alpha, 90 minutes)
1 oz Saaz (3.1%, 15 minutes)
Wyeast Bavarian Wheat 3056
2 tbs gypsum
0.5 tsp Irish moss (15 minutes)

Brewing Notes  

Mashed grains in 3 gallons of 105F water. Over 10 minutes, raised temp to 122F. Rest at this temp for 25 minutes. Pulled about 40% of mash for single decoction. Slowly heated decoction to 160F, held for 15 minute saccarification rest. Increased heat to boiling, held for 10 minutes. Returned to main mash and increased temp of mash to 147F, rest for 20 minutes. Raised temp to 170F, held for 5 minutes. Sparged with 4 gallons 170F water. Boiled 90 minutes, adding Tettnang hops beginning of boil and Saaz and Irish moss at 15 minutes left to boil. Pitched yeast at 70F.

Fermentation Notes  

Primary 8 days. Secondary 12 days. Kegged half the batch and bottled the rest with 1/2 cup corn sugar.


Original gravity: 1.056
Final gravity: 1.016

Competition Record  

Bob Rescinito, 1st place New Brewer division Weisse is Nice, 1997 HPD Club-Only competition