The High Plains Draughters Recipe Database

Holy Oklahoma Berliner Weisse
contributed by Ben Baer on 1998-03-15
makes 5 gallons

Ingredients List  

9 lbs low protein soft red winter wheat (unmalted)
2 lbs malted wheat
2.5 lbs 6 row malted barley
1 oz Perle hops (6.4 HBU)

Brewing Notes  

Mashed in at 143 degrees for 17 hours. Boiled 2 1/4 hours.

Fermentation Notes  

Primary fermentation 10 days at 66 degrees in glass. Secondary fermentation 45 days at 66 degrees in glass. Bottled with 3/4 cup corn sugar.


Original gravity: 1.044
Final gravity: 1.014

Competition Record  

Ben Baer, 1st place Weisse is Nice, 1997 HPD Club-Only competition