The High Plains Draughters Recipe Database

Belgian Wit
contributed by Brian Myers on 1998-03-15
makes 6 gallons

Ingredients List  

2 lbs raw wheat
6 lbs malted wheat
8 lbs Durst Pils malt
0.5 oz Saaz plugs (3.5% alpha, 60 minutes)
0.5 oz Hallertauer Hersbrucker plug (2.6% alpha, 60 min)
0.5 oz Saaz plugs (3.5% alpha, 2 minutes)
0.5 oz coriander (10 minutes)
0.5 oz bitter orange peel (10 minutes)
0.5 oz coriander (in secondary)
0.5 oz bitter orange peel (in secondary)
yeast starter cultured from Hoegaarden Wit

Brewing Notes  

Mashed in thick at 130 degrees; held for 30 minutes. Added boiling water to raise temp to 155; held for 60 minutes. Collected about 7 gallons wort; boiled 15 minutes before first hops addition.

Fermentation Notes  

Fermented in two carboys for two weeks. Steeped dry spices in two cups boiling water for ten minutes, then racked both carboys onto the "tea." Two weeks in secondary. Bottled with 1 cup corn sugar. No O.G taken.


Original gravity: 0
Final gravity: 1.01

Competition Record  

Brian Myers, 2nd place Belgian and French Ales, 1997 Chicago Beer Society Spooky Brew Review