The High Plains Draughters Recipe Database

contributed by Steve Law on 1997-07-26
makes 5 gallons

Ingredients List  

10 lbs Gambrinus Dark Munich 20L
10 lbs Durst Pils malt
1 lbs Gambrinus Honey malt
1 lbs DWC Aromatic malt
10 oz 80L crystal malt
9 oz Special "B" malt
10 oz raw Oklahoma Red Wheat (courtesy of Jim Andrews!)
4 oz Hugh Baird Chocolate malt
1 oz Black malt
1 lbs Light dry malt extract
8 oz Dextrose
2 oz Hallertau leaf (6.3% alpha, 60 minutes)
1 oz Hallertau leaf (6.3% alpha, 30 minutes)
1 oz Saaz pellets (3.1% alpha, 15 minutes)
0.5 oz Saaz pellets (3.1% alpha, 2 minutes)
1 tbs yeast nutrient
2 tsp Irish moss
Wyeast 2308 lager yeast
Lalvin EC118 champagne yeast

Brewing Notes  

Mash in to reach 120 degrees, then add 1 tsp. Amylase enzyme. Slowly raise temperature to 140 degrees and hold for 30 minutes. Slowly raise to 150 degrees and hold for 30 minutes. Collect only the first runnings and boil 90 minutes with hop additions as stated above. Chill and aerate for 30 minutes with an aquarium pump, then pitch yeast.

Fermentation Notes  

Primary - 8 weeks at 50 degrees. Secondary - 4 weeks at 60 degrees. Bottled with dextrose and dose of Lalvin EC118 champagne yeast.


Original gravity: 1.101
Final gravity: 1.023

Competition Record  

Steve Law, 1st place Bock is Best, 1997 HPD Club-Only competition