The High Plains Draughters Recipe Database

Ste-Dymphna Tripel
contributed by Stephen Law on 1997-01-18
makes 5 gallons

Ingredients List  

16 lbs DWC Pilsner malt
1 lbs DWC Carapils malt
1 lbs flaked barley
1.1 lbs light candi sugar (60 minutes)
1 lbs dextrose (60 minutes)
1 oz Tettnanger whole hops (5.0% alpha, 60 minutes)
0.5 oz Tettnanger whole hops (5.0% alpha, 40 minutes)
0.5 oz Saaz hop plug (2.0% alpha, 15 minutes)
1 tsp Irish moss (15 minutes)
Saccharomyces Supply Co. Belgian Abbey Ale yeast
1 tsp yeast nutrient

Brewing Notes  

Single decoction mash. Mash in with carbon filtered water to reach 140 degrees. Hold for 30 minutes, then pull 2 gallons of the stiff mash and boil for 20 minutes. Return to main mash and adjust to 152 degrees. Hold for 60 minutes. Sparge with 4 gallons of 170 degree water. Boil for 90 minutes with hop additions and other fermentables as noted above. Chill, aerate thoroughly and pitch yeast.

Fermentation Notes  

Ferment at 65 to 68 degrees until complete. Rack to secondary. Hold at 68 degrees until complete and clear. Bottle with 3/4 cup dextrose.


Original gravity: 1.093
Final gravity: 1.012

Competition Record  

Stephen Law, 1st place Belgian Blockbuster, 1996 HPD Club-Only Competition