The High Plains Draughters Recipe Database

Raisin-Nutmeg Melomel
contributed by J. W. Mock on 1996-06-01
makes 5 gallons

Ingredients List  

18 lbs clover honey
5 lbs dark raisins (Sunkist vacuum-packed)
0.5 oz Saaz hop plug
1 tbs gypsum
1 tbs yeast hulls
8 whole nutmeg
2 pkgs Las Vin Champagne yeast

Brewing Notes  

Boil honey with 1.5 gallons of water for 40 minutes, skimming frequently. While boiling honey, make a "tea" with another 1.5 gallons of water: tea consists of hop plug and nutmeg (which has been roughly crushed with a hammer). Boil tea for 15 minutes. Combine two liquors and add yeast hulls and gypsum. Immediately chill wort. Add cooled mixture to 5 gallon carboy which already has the raisins in it (if you do not use vacuum packed raisins, it would be best to pasteurize them by adding them to the wort when it has cooled to 160 degrees for 15 minute rest). Top off carboy with distilled water, leaving liberal space for fermentation. Hydrate the champagne yeast in a one pint starter wort of honey and water.

Fermentation Notes  

Extreme aeration is essential (air pump for 30 minutes). Primary fermentation from early August to mid-October. Rack off and bottle without priming.


Original gravity: 1.125
Final gravity: 1.018

Competition Record  

J. W. Mock, 1st place Fruit and Vegetable Mead, 1996 Bluebonnet Brewoff
J. W. Mock, Best of Show Mead, Cider & Sake, 1996 Bluebonnet Brewoff