The High Plains Draughters Recipe Database

Lloyd's Best Oktoberfest
contributed by Rick Lloyd on 1996-10-13
makes 5 gallons

Ingredients List  

5 lbs Durst 2-row
2 lbs Vienna malt
0.5 lbs Munich malt (8L)
0.5 lbs crystal malt (30L)
0.5 lbs crystal malt (90L)
1 oz Tettnanger hops (3.8% alpha, 60 minutes)
1 oz Hallertau hops (4.5% alpha, 30 minutes)
300 mils Wyeast 2206 "Bavarian Lager"

Brewing Notes  

Mash in with 12 qts. water at 136 degrees to reach 131 degrees, hold for 30 min. protein rest. Raise to 152 degrees for starch conversion, hold for 90 min. Sparge w/ 6 gal. water at 165 degrees. Boil for 90 min.

Fermentation Notes  

Primary fermentation should last at least 10 days at 45-50F. When it is complete, rack to another carboy and let stand until clear, 2 to 4 weeks. Bottle with 3/4 cup corn sugar.


Original gravity: 1.061
Final gravity: 1.013

Competition Record  

Rick Lloyd, 1st place Best of Fest, 1994 HPD Club-only Competition
Rick Lloyd, 3rd place Best of Fest, 1994 AHA National Competition