January 11th, 1998

I. Last Meeting

The Christmas shindig at the Nagode's place in Norman was quite a blowout with HPD revelers literally hanging out the doors well into the night. Members new and old were really up for the season, sharing stories, recipes and holiday spirit(s) with abandon. Lots of good brews were in evidence, including at least four nicely spiced Christmas ales. Burt Renard brought along a bottle of Apfel (a delicious German apple schnapps) that was enjoyed by many. Actually, it was all enjoyed in less than 10 minutes and folks were hollerin' for more. One thing is for certain, brewers can cook! The spread rivaled anything anywhere in variety, volume and sheer scrumptiousness. We can hardly wait for next Christmas!

II. Next Meeting

We'll begin 1998 in new surroundings and with a resolution to brew more, better beers in the coming year. As you probably know, our new meeting place is the City Arts building on the OKC Fairgrounds. Load up some beers and some vittles and we'll kick things off at 7:30. The program will be on Pilsners, as the season is right for brewing this popular style of beer. And what do ya know, there's a pilsner competition in May, so you'll be set to brew for it. We'll discuss history, brewing technique and flavor profile. If you happen to have a pilsner ready to go, bring it along for the tasting portion of the program. The City Arts building is located at the site of the old planetarium. The best way to get there (that I know of) is to get to the intersection of NW 10th and May, then head south on May to the second fairgounds entrance. It'll be on the west side of May, Gate 2-26, General Pershing Blvd. Follow the road west until you hit the fairgrounds, then bear left. You'll see the City Arts building with the big round dome on top.


III. Hail to Ale AHA Club-Only Competition

The AHA Club-only Hail to Ale Competition will be judged January 23rd. Entries may be turned in at the January meeting or by January 21st to either Professional Brewer's or S.W. Brewer's Outlet. Eligible categories include Classic English Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, American Pale Ale, American-style Amber Ale and American Wheat (check last month's newsletter for style guidelines.) We would really like to give awards in both the master and freshman categories, so be sure to enter. And remember, it's all about improving the beers you brew.


IV. HPD Rules

Yes, it's true. The High Plains Draughters have something to brag about. After winning the club's contest, Steve Law's Aussie ESB took first place at the national level of the Bitter Mania competition! Including Ben Baer's third place win in the Weiss is Nice competition, the Draughters have scored in the last two AHA Club-Only competitions. When the next Zymurgy comes out, we'll raise some eyebrows all over the country. Let's keep up the trend, gang!


V. Stout Bout Club-Only Competition

The next club competition will be the AHA's Stout Bout, to be judged in mid-March. That means there's still enough time to brew up one of the following eligible categories:

11. a) Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout

Dry stouts have an initial malt and caramel flavor profile with a distinctive dry-roasted bitterness in the finish. Dry stouts achieve a dry-roasted character through the use of roasted barley. Some slight acidity may be perceived, but is not necessary. Hop aroma and flavor should not be perceived. Dry stouts have medium body. Fruity esters are minimal and overshadowed by malt, hop bitterness and roasted barley character. Diacetyl (butterscotch) should be very low or not perceived. Head retention and rich character should be part of its visual character.

11. b) Foreign-Style Stout

Foreign-style stouts have an initial malt sweetness and caramel flavor with a distinctive dry-roasted bitterness in the finish. Some slight acidity is permissible and a medium- to full-bodied mouthfeel is appropriate. Hop aroma and flavor should not be perceived. The perception of fruity esters is low. Diacetyl (butterscotch) should be negligible or not perceived. Head retention is excellent.

11. c) Sweet Stout

Sweet stouts, also referred as to cream stouts, have less roasted bitter flavor and more full-bodied mouthfeel than dry stouts. The style can be given more body with milk sugar (lactose) before bottling. Malt sweetness, chocolate and caramel flavor should dominate the flavor profile. Hops should balance sweetness without contributing apparent flavor or aroma.

11. d) Oatmeal Stout

Oatmeal stouts typically include oatmeal in their grist, resulting in a pleasant, full flavor and smooth profile that is rich without being grainy. Roasted malt character of caramel and chocolate should be evident, smooth and not bitter. Bitterness is moderate -- not high. Hop flavor and aroma are optional, but should not overpower the overall balance. This is a medium- to full-bodied beer with minimal fruity esters.

11. e) Imperial Stout

Dark copper to very black, imperial stouts typically have alcohol contents exceeding 8 percent. The extremely rich malty flavor and aroma is balanced with assertive hopping and fruity-ester characteristics. Perceived bitterness can be moderate, balanced with malt character, to very high in the darker versions. Roasted malt astringency and bitterness can be perceived moderately, but should not overwhelm the overall character. Hop aroma can be subtle to overwhelmingly floral. Diacetyl (butterscotch) levels should be very low.

VI. Winners Circle

Though this recipe hasn't won any competitions (yet!), it was widely sampled and praised at the Christmas bash. It's like pumpkin pie in a glass, suitable for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Bob Rescinito brewed this one, give it a shot.

7# 2-row 1.5# Munich (20L)

1# Crystal (120L)

1# Carapils

.5# Malted Wheat

3 15oz cans pumpkin

2 oz. Willamette (60 mins) .25 tsp Ground Cloves

.5 tsp Nutmeg

.25 tsp Ginger

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1.5 tsp Cinnamon

Whitbread Ale dry yeast

Brewer's notes: single infusion, mashed grains and pumpkin at 150F for 90 mins. Carbon-filtered water treated with 2 tsp Gypsum. Sparged with 4 gals. 170F water. Boiled for 60 mins adding hops at beginning of boil. Added Irish moss and spices at last 15 mins of boil. Original Gravity: 1.046 Terminal Gravity: 1.012


VII. King's Corner

An Agenda For 1998

On Christmas Eve, 1997, channel 13 was kind to broadcast a three minute segment on home brewing. With a bit of luck, that segment will be played at our next brew club meeting. Anyone watching this sequence, which includes interviews from ABLE administrators would have one obvious question. Why on earth hasn't someone approached the Oklahoma legislature about clarifying our brewing laws ? While many in our club have long favored such an initiative, it is time to act in 1998. Title 37 Okla. Stat. Sec.505 must be amended to allow beer to be included with the 200 gallons of cider or wine that can be brewed by solid citizens. In the past, Stan Babb has volunteered to help move this project forward and it is certain he will be happy to help again. Lets vote on whether to back this effort and have three volunteers step forward to make it happen. We need to formulate the amendment (that is easy, see above). Locate a state legislator ( an OKC or Tulsa republican would be best to check the moral majority nuts) to sponsor the bipartisan bill. After that we must netwwork with all Oklahoma brew clubs and start a letter writing campaign. Please help lend your support to this important 1998 undertaking. If you cannot make the meeting but would like to volunteer, send word that you support our efforts to nagode@Draughters.com.


VIII. New at the Brewshops

Professional Brewer's Warehouse

Brewing Spices: Dried Woodruff and Cardamom; Belgian Candi Sugar; Acid Titration Testing Kits (for better mead making); and Hop pellets! See Bob at 2733 W. Britton (behind Candy City and Pirates Alley) on Saturdays from 10-2 and on Thursday evenings from 4:45-7, or call for an appointment at 720-9168.

IX. February Meeting

The February meeting will be held on the 20th at City Arts. Program is yet to be cogitated, but sure to be thrilling beyond belief. That's all for now. If you have comments, contributions, gripes or whatever, feel free to contact one of the newsletter staff. They may be reached (at reasonable hours) at the following numbers:

Joe Bocock - 552-2256 Rick Lloyd - 340-1977

Tim Nagode - 280-4957 Fax - 290-2754 E-mail - nagode@draughters.com

See you on the 16th.... Hoppy brewing!!!