April 8th, 1998

I. Last Meeting

While no official meeting was held in OKC, an informal gathering of the troops occurred at the Blue Bonnet Brewoff venue in Dallas/Ft. Worth. The evening started at the official lambic tasting, which was miles better than those held in recent years. Lead by AHA Homebrewer of the Year Charlie Gottenkieny, a dozen or so excellent Belgian lambics were sampled. Charlie had managed to haul back quite a few bottles, so tasting samples were not minuscule by any means. And these were no sody-pop sweet crowd pleasers, but acidic, sour, bone-dry beers of exceeding complexity. Included in the flight were Cantillion Rose de Gambrinus, Bruxillosa and Kriek. Following the lambic tasting, HPDers gathered by the indoor pool to sample Belgian ales, both commercial and home-brewed. AHA Administrator Brian Rezac happened to wander by and joined the festivities. Despite an involuntary round of crude sheep jokes, a grand time was had by all.

II. Next Meeting

On Friday, April 17th at 7:30 p.m., we'll gather at City Arts for a rousing round of homebrew hobnobbing. Inspired by Greg Noonan's Scottish Ale presentation at the Blue Bonnet, this meeting will concern All Things Scottish. With the Scottish Ale Club-Only competition set for late 98, the timing is right for a technical program about the brewing of Scottish Ales. Armed with the latest from the man who wrote the book, you'll have plenty of time to turn out a batch and let it age. And when we say All Things Scottish, we mean All Things, including kilts, bagpipes, haggis-like objects and a truly authentic recitation of the classic, "John Barleycorn." This is one you won't want to miss, so drag out that old kilt, scare up some classic Scottish chow, round up your lassie or laddie and beat it to City Arts on the 17th.


III. Blue Bonnet Competition

This being the fourth year that the HPD has attended the Blue Bonnet in an organized (more or less) fashion, we were due for success. And our due came due in a big way. To put it bluntly, ass was kicked and names were taken. In fact, so successful were we that we tied for third place overall! Remember, this is Texas and this is the Blue Bonnet, the largest regional homebrew competition in the U.S., which really means in the world!!! In doing so, we beat out two of the sponsoring Texas clubs, the Denton Fermented Brewers and the Knights of the Brown Bottle! The club we tied, the Central Florida Homebrewers Association, had 120 entries to our 57, which means we really took third outright! Leading the pack was the official HPD New Hero, Jim Steward, with a 1st in Mild/Brown Ales and a 2nd in Herb and Spice Mead. Stan Babb took 2nd in English Bitter and 2nd in Stout (it should be noted that Stan had exactly three entries and placed with exactly two of them!) We nearly swept the Pale Ale category (usually the most competitive) with a 3rd by Keith Busby and a 2nd by Brian Myers (Bryan also received an Honorable Mention in Bock.) Tim Nagode contributed with a 2nd in Fruit and Vegetable Mead. The victory was sweet and many congratulations were received from our Texas friends. Next year should be even more fun!


IV. Classic Pilsner AHA Club-Only Competition

The AHA Classic Pilsner Club-Only Competition will be judged May 8th. Entries may be submitted at the National Homebrew Day celebration (the beers will be sequestered in an area sufficiently safe from snooping revelers.) You may also turn in entries at Professional Brewers, SW Brewer's Outlet or The Brew Shop by 5:00 p.m. May 7th. As usual, you may call 329-4517 for alternate submission schemes (beer bribes accepted/encouraged.)

15a) German-Style Pilsner

A classic German Pilsner is very light straw/golden color and well hopped. Hop bitterness is high. Hop aroma and flavor are moderate and quite obvious. It is a well-attenuated and medium-bodied beer, but a malty accent can be perceived. Fruity esters and diacetyl should not be perceived. There should be no chill haze. The head should be dense and rich.Original Gravity 1.044-50 Final Gravity 1.006-12 IBUs 30-40 SRM 3-4

15b) Bohemian-Style Pilsner

Pilsners in this subcategory are similar to German Pilsners, however they are slightly more full bodied and can be as dark as light amber. This style balances moderate to high bitterness and "noble-type" hop aroma and flavor with a malty, slightly sweet, medium body. Diacetyl may be perceived in very low amounts. There should be no chill haze. The head should be dense, rich. Original Gravity 1.044-56 Final Gravity 1.014-20
IBUs 35-45 SRM 3-5

15c) American-Style Pilsner

This classic and unique pre-Prohibition American-style Pilsner is straw to deep gold in color. Hop bitterness, flavor and aroma are medium to high, and use of "noble-type" hops for flavor and aroma is preferred. Up to 25 percent corn in the grist should be used, and some slight sweetness and flavor of corn are expected. A low level of DMS is acceptable. Malt flavor and aroma are medium. This is a medium-bodied beer. Fruity esters and citrusy flavors or aromas should not be perceived. Slight diacetyl is acceptable. There should be no chill haze. Original Gravity 1.045-60
Final Gravity 1.012-18 IBUs 20-40 SRM 3-6

V. Winners Circle

We all know that Stew has been putting out some great beers recently, so we knew this was bound to happen sooner or later. At the last meeting, Jim actually brought a bottle of this in to gather opinions on what it should be entered as. Obviously it worked. St. Andrews Brown has great mouthfeel and just the right touch of roastyness. Brew it soon.

Click here to see the recipe.

St. Andrew's Brown for 5 gal. 4.5 lb English 2-row malt .5 lb crystal malt (60 L) .5 lb roast barley .5 lb victory malt 1 lb unmalted barley 4 lbs Alexander's liquid pale malt extract .25 oz. Mt. Hood at 60 min. .75 oz. Hallertau at 60 min. .5 oz. Tettnanger at 30 min. .5 oz. Tettnanger at 5 min. 1 tsp yeast nutrient Wyeast 1084 2 tsp. gypsum 1 tsp. Irish moss Mash grains at 154 degrees for 1 hour. Sparge with 4 gallons 170 degree water. Add extract and water to kettle to reach 6 gallons. Pull 2 quarts of wort and caramelize by boiling for 15 minutes, then returning to main boil. Chill, aerate and pitch. Fermented in glass at 68 degrees for 8 days, rack to secondary for 7 days, primed with 3/4 cup dextrose. OG = 1.068 TG - 1.020

VI. Spent Grains

Bert Grant's Yakima Brewing & Malting Co. ranks as the fastest-growing of the country's leading craft brewers. Yakima Brewing increased production by 102% in 1997 -- the highest growth rate among America's top specialty brewers, according to figures just released from the Institute of Brewing Studies. By comparison, the overall craft-beer industry grew at an estimated 3 to 5 percent.

Yakima Brewing is rolling out Bert Grant's Spring Fest Ale, a seasonal beer with a strong malt flavor. The product is 5.6% abv, and contains pale, Munich, caramel, chocolate, and special roast malts; and Willamette hops.

Pete's Brewing Co. announced a couple of marketing initiatives designed to bolster the company's position in the craft beer industry. Beginning this month, the company plans to streamline its portfolio by dropping brands that comprise less than 7% of its total business, such as MultiGrain, Maple Porter, Amber Ale, and Pale Ale. The company also plans to drop the word "Wicked" from company wide use, feeling that the word has lost some of its significance since the brand was founded. Only Pete's Wicked Ale will continue to carry the Wicked name. Also, the company is trading in their long-neck bottles to a shorter version with new labels and a new logo.

VII. New at the Brewshops

Professional Brewers

Professional Brewers is proud to announce that our number one customer is the man of the hour, the king of the hill, brewer extraordinaire! We salute Jim Steward for taking first place at the Bluebonnet Brew-off with his delicious Brown Ale! Waytago JIM!
In stock NOW: 3 gallon reconditioned corny kegs $43.50!
Coming SOON: Thermometers! 3" dial, dual scale, 6" probe, back connect thermometers for your converted kegs, comes complete with the " connector. Also, 2" dial, 12" probe for sticking in your mash! Both bimetallic, high quality instruments. Check with Bob for your brewing needs!

IX. May Meeting

National Homebrew Day is set for May 2nd at Casa Robles (whee!!!) Lots of fun and games are in store, so be ready. More info on the specifics coming soon.

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