High Plains Draughters December, 2001

I. Last Meeting
II. Next Meeting
III. Bock is Best Competition
IV. Winners Circle
V. New at the Brewshops
VI. Next Month's Meeting

I. Last Meeting

National Homebrew Day, held on May 3rd in Wiley Post Park, was a ton of fun, though we all missed the outstandingly cool ambiance of Casa Robles. Malty and the Hop-tones (you know, that brewer's band!) seranaded the crowd with a wide variety of well-received tunes. Rick "Howlin' Dog" Lloyd showed off his new keyboard setup. He was so into it, he forgot to put on any sunblock and was sporting a nice half-and-half sunburn by late afternoon. Jack Sargeant and Bo Joecock brandished a mean set of barbeque tools and whipped out about 50 lbs. of fabulous grilled chicken, which was served up with a table load of other goodies. And there was just a bit of brew available. It seems everyone decided to show off their kegging systems and Corny Count (Conelius keg count, for you non-keggers) maxed out at about 13, including a very nice champagne-like sparkling traditional mead. While Wiley Post Park was nice and all, I'm sure everyone is looking forward to next year when we can chill at the old stomping grounds again, courtesy of la familea Robles.

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II. Next Meeting

Our June meeting will be held at 7:30 on the 6th, back at our favorite OKC brewpub, the Belle Isle Brewery. The style of the month will be Stout and we'll be presenting historical perspectives, stylistic considerations, brewing techniques and all the usual folderol. Beer fault of the month has yet to be determined, but rest assured it will be gag-worthy. After the presentation and tasting, we'll open the floor for discussion so you can hammer away at your favorite pet peeve. Bring you best guy or gal, some party food and some of your best barley pop!

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III. Bock is Best Competition

OK, club brewing fanatics, here's what you've been waiting for... the results from the AHA Club-Only Bock is Best Competition! But first, a pat on the back. In the past, lager competitions have been a tad light on entries, probably because they are harder to brew than ales. A lager competition would bring in about a dozen entries, give or take a few, while the ale competitions would bring in at least double that number. However, this year's Bock competition 26 entries from a wide range of club brewers. The judging panel and stewards all agreed that the overall quality of the entries was excellent, with very few displaying major flaws. Good job, everyone, keep up the good work! And the wieners are:

Master Brewer's Category
1st Steve Law Dopplebock
2nd Rick Lloyd Dopplebock
3rd Burt Renard Traditional Bock
Freshmen Category
1st Brian Myers Eisbock
2nd Jim Steward Dopplebock
3rd Neal Wesson Traditional Bock

It should be noted that we had a couple of double-winners, but the official rule book states taht you can only take home one award per competition. Jim Steward tied himself for second with a Traditional Bock, and Steve Law tied himself for first with an Eisbock. The rest of us were fit to be tied, so we just tied one on instead.

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IV. Winners Circle

Steve Law left for parts unknown before handing off his Dopplebock or Eisbock recipes, so we're giving you Rick Lloyd's second place Dopplebock recipe. Rick is known for having some really old beers stashed in the back of his thermally adjustable, hermetically sealed freezer. This one certainly falls into that category, having been brewed in December of 1994. The long aging really allowed the munich malt flavors to blend and gain complexity. It was a great beer and there's a better than average chance that another bottle or two are still hidden somewhere in the back of that freezer. Rick rarely names his beers, so we'll do that for him. Here's the recipe for Antiquator.

We've always been heavy on the all-grain recipes, so here's an extract/specialty grain recipe from the 1991 AHA Nationals.

Jackie's Abbey
2nd Place, Belgian-style Specialty, 1991 AHA Nationals
(for 5 gallons)

12 lbs Alexander's pale malt extract
6 oz crystal malt
4 oz chocolate malt
0.5 lbs unmalted wheat
1.75 oz Bullion (9 AAU, 45 minutes)
0.4 oz Perle (7.4 AAU, 45 minutes)
0.75 oz Saaz (4.4 AAU, 10 minutes)
0.75 oz Hallertaur (3 AAU, 10 minutes)
0.25 oz Saaz (4.4 AAU, 1 minute)
1 tsp Irish Moss, rehydrated (15 minutes)
Cultured Chimay yeast

Brewing notes: Specialty grains crushed and steeped in 175 degree water for 40 minutes. Then added to 4 gallons brewing water and extract. Boiled for 60 minutes. Fermentation: Primary--2 weeks at 65 degrees. Bottle with 3/4 oz. corn sugar. OG: 1.068 TG: 1.018

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V. New at the Brewshops

Professional Brewers' Warehouse

Some of the club's most skilled brewers have agreed to take shifts with Andrews and Bocock to make sure that everyone has a chance to learn as much as possible from brewshop visits. Rick Lloyd, Tim Nagode, Mike Mayer and Michal Carson have all volunteered and will be working in the shop to help you with your beer.

New yeast is in and includes every variety of Ready To Pitch yeast: English Ale, Irish Ale, Scotch Ale, Belgian Ale, London Special Bitter, US Ale, German wheat, German Lager, California Steam Lager, Czech Pilsner Lager and German Alt.

Schmidling stainless steel roller mills are in and priced at $115. While it will take a bit of work to transform one into the configuration of "Ralph", the shop's motor-powered mill, it is the same roller.

New imported Goldings plugs just became available. We have 200 of them. The hops join a fantastic lineup of 34 grains that include Durst, Hugh Baird and DWC as well as the ever-reliable (and inexpensive) Briess line of malts.

Extract Sale of the Century!!!! All pre-packaged extracts must be liquidated at cost. Extract syrup is $5.00. Northwestern Dry (pre-packaged) is $6.00. All other pre-packaged extracts are 50% off. It's enough to make even the most hardcore of all-grain puists think twice!!

Check out the Brew Board on your next visit to the Warehouse. It's a place for you to note what you will be brewing next, when and where you will be brewing it and a phone number for other interested brewers to contact you. We hope to offer all interested parties the opportunity to share brewing expertise and learn from one another. It's also a great way to cop some yeast slurry or specialty grains. If you haven't tried it yet, do so. It's a great way to see how others do it and compare their techniques to yours. If you are thinking of making the jump to all-grain brewing, it's nice to see if done before taking the leap. So show up, sign up and have fun.

With our new help on board, we will soon open on Wednesday evenings so you can prepare for that weekend brewing session. Call 528-3889 for current hours. As always, the shop is open Saturdays, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm or by special appointment.

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VI. July Meeting

On July 19th, that annual melee` of bacchanalian revelry, the Mead Clinic, will be held at the Bocock estate. Lots of mead brewing intricacies (and mead!) will be shared as we celebrate this most ancient of fermented beverages. Look for details in the next newsletter.

That's all for now. If you have comments, contributions, gripes or whatever, feel free to contact one of the newsletter staff. They may be reached (at reasonable hours) at the following numbers: Joe Bocock - 552-2256, Rick Lloyd - 340-1977, Tim Nagode - 280-4957, fax: 290-2754.

See you on the 6th... Hoppy brewing!!!

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