High Plains Draughters May 1996

ILast Meeting
IINext Meeting
IIIBock is Best Club-Only Competition
IVWinner's Circle
VMead Magic AHA Club-Only Competition
VIBrews and Blues in Tulsa
VIIMead Clinic
VIIINew at the Brewshops
IXJuly Meeting

I. Last Meeting

It was definitely one for the books! The High Plains Draughters National Homebrew Day celebration again proved to be the definitive social event of the year. With a sunny May day as the backdrop, 50 or so club members and their families cavorted in style. Highlights included:

- The feed lot: grilled poulet ala' Sargeant, heaven-sent tamales, exotic side dishes out the wazoo, and an outstanding blueberry cobbler the size of Rhode Island.

- The Pearl Hurl, including a 7' beer catapult (it lost!!)

- The Pint Relay, with really bizarre teams names (The Abracadavers, Team Trub, The Blotto Squad, The Sons of Gambrinus, etc.)

- The Brews Brothers!!! A standing ovation for the hardworking brewer\musicians who provided live tunes all day long. They covered a lot of songs, from the Beatles to the Gin Blossoms. Best song? A smoking version of the Allman Brothers 'Whipping Post'. But the band name needs work. How about "Malty and the Hop Tones"?

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II. Next Meeting

Our June meeting will be held at the Belle Isle Brewery on the 7th at 7:30 p.m. We'll have multiple topics on the agenda, including the following:

- Kegging: The Final Frontier
Everything you need to know about kegging your homebrew. (It beats bottle-washing!!)

- Oklahoma Beer Laws
Stan Babb will address shortcomings in current state law effecting homebrewers. Activism is sure to follow.

- HPD Web Page
Some discussion of a High Plains Draughters web page has been circulating. Because there are so many Internet freaks in the club, we'll open the table for discussion about how we can finance and maintain our very own web page.

- Beer Evaluation Training
We tried to get this one moving on National Homebrew Day, but couldn't seem to focus long enough (imagine that!) We'll try again at this meeting. In general, we'll be looking for individuals who are interested in bonafide beer evaluation training from a couple of BJCP judges. Whether you are furthering your knowledge of beer styles or preparing for competition judging, we need to identify interested parties so we can get the show on the road.

We'll also present awards for the Bock is Best Competition (see below.) Bring some of your best homebrew, a loved one and some munchies.

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III. Bock is Best Club-Only Competition

Sixteen beers were judged in the AHA-sanctioned Bock is Best competition, including traditional bocks, hellesbocks, doppelbocks and eisbocks. The going was tough and some big, big beers made it especially tough for the judging crew. The winners were:

First PlaceStan Babb
Second PlaceChris Saxon
Third PlaceMichal Carson

Congratulations to the winners. Stan Babb's Rejuvinator (yes, a doppelbock) was outstanding, with virtually no faults detected by the judges. Stan said he has a bottle or two left for the June meeting, so corner him if you can. Everyone who entered is encouraged to bring samples and pick up their judging sheets as well.

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IV. Winner's Circle

Stan Babb's Rejuvinator doppelbock recipe is one that's sure to please. You may have to wait for cooler temperatures to brew it, so file this one in a safe spot.

With the AHA Belgian Blockbuster coming in December, now is a good time to brew a Belgian Strong Ale to allow for appropriate bottle-conditioning time. Tim Nagode's Grand Cru took 1st place in the Spiced Beer category at the Greater Wichita Homebrew Competition and has all the characteristics of a Belgian Strong Ale.

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V. Mead Magic AHA Club-Only Competition

The AHA's first mead competition in quite a while will be held in mid-August this year. The HPD judges will be assessing club entries on August 2nd. Categories include Traditional Mead and Braggot, Fruit and Vegetable Mead and Herb/Spice Mead. With multiple sub-categories (including still and sparkling versions), there are 14 eligible categories! Get ready to dust off some of those rat-holed gems in your cellar and enter 'em.

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VI. Brews and Blues in Tulsa

Tulsa's second annual Brews and Blues Festival will showcase quality domestic and micro-brewed beers in an atmosphere of great music and food. Some of the biggest names in Tulsa-area blues will play together as attendees sample beers from Oklahoma brewpubs, regional micros and various domestic brewers. The Festival will be held Saturday, June 8th from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the parking lot of the Tulsa Brewing Company, (7227 S. Memorial.) Admission is $15.

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VII. Mead Clinic

The annual mead clinic featuring our own award-winning mead makers is tentatively scheduled for July 27 at 1:00 p.m., poolside at 513 N.W. 38th. A special mailing will be sent in July with the schedule of events.

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VIII. New at the Brewshops

Professional Brewers LLC:

The biggest innovation in some time is ready-to-pitch liquid yeast from Saccharomyces Supply Co. The liquid yeast is so loaded with cells that well-aerated wort will kick off in 24 hours without the use of a starter culture. Strains available include: English Ale, Irish Ale, Scotch Ale, Belgian Ale, London Bitter Ale, US Ale (similar is Sam Adams yeast), German Wheat, Belgian Wit, German Lager, Czech Pilsner Lager and German Alt Ale. At $4.50, this yeast is a great bargain. This is a new item featured in the last Zymurgy.

Cap labels (on display on the side of the cooler) are cheap and easy ways to label your beers. This is another new item featured in the last Zymurgy.

Malto-Dextrin for extra body in your beer is available in handy half-pound packets.

Oak chips are now in stock for those who want that authentic oak-aged flavor in their ales or lambics.

All our Belgian spices have been restocked, including hard-to-find Curacao sweet orange peel(ground). The spices are refrigerated and located over the yeast.

Reconditioned 5 gallon kegs are available at a new low price of $15. Also available are the plastic fittings to transform the keg into a stainless steel fermenter. The plastic fitting attaches to an airlock. This may revolutionize the way we ferment beer because it is as cheap as glass, will never bread and is easier to clean (you can get your hand inside the container to scrub!).

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IX. July Meeting

Our July meeting is tentatively scheduled for Friday, July 5th, so mark your calendar. We'll have a technical program of undetermined nature, some good eats and excellent brews. Details will follow in the next newsletter.

That's all for now. If you have comments, contributions, gripes or whatever, feel free to contact one of the newsletter staff. They may be reached (at reasonable hours) at the following numbers: Joe Bocock - 552-2256 Rick Lloyd - 340-1977 Tim Nagode - 728-4957

See you on the 7th.... Hoppy brewing!!!

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