High Plains Draughters July 1996

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IINext Meeting
IIIUpcoming Competitions
IVWinner's Circle
VBeer Evaluation Training
VIMead Clinic
VIINew at the Brewshops
VIIIAugust Non-Meeting

I. Last Meeting

Our June meeting, hosted again by Belle Isle, went swimmingly despite the last-minute abdication of the King. It seems the call of the fly-fising gods was too much to resist, so the Queen and a portable castle were loaded up and the fish-fest was on. It was not all fun and games though, as a very informative article on Arkansas wineries appeared in the June 19 Gazette. Long live the King!!

At the meeting, other club lackeys spoke knowledgeably about a wide range of topics. Jim Andrews told us everything we ever wanted to know about kegging (he was cut off after 40 minutes, promissing a full day's kegging seminar for interested parties.) Stan Babb spoke on Oklahoma brewing law and provided a list of legislators for us to call and harass, I mean lobby. Michal Carson presented a first look at the web page the club is sponsoring, and Tim Nagode drummed up interest in the upcoming beer evaluation seminars (more on this later.)

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II. Next Meeting

July's meeting will be held on the 5th at 7:30 p.m. at the Belle Isle Brewery. The subject will be all-grain brewing. Discussions on malting, mashing, sparging and other aspects of the all-grain experience will be held. If you've pushed the extract experience to the max and long for the ultimate in control over the beers you brew, this one shouldn't be missed. Even if you're not ready to make the leap, you'll benifit from knowing more about how malts are produced and how they effect your finished brew. Bring your SO, something to nosh on and some bottles of your best.

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III. Upcoming Competitions

There are several brew competitions on the immediate horizon, so here's a list.

1. 1996 World Homebrew Contest - Sponsored by the Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams beers), this is the second go'round for this contest. It was huge last year, with well over a thousand entries. The winners in three categories had their beers produced by BBC and test-marketed under the label "Longshot". Best of all, you get more than just judging sheets back. You'll receive a half-pund of East Kent Goldings and a T-shirt for entering (it took a while, but several club members did indeed get their hops/shirts for entering last year.) The only kicker is a rapidly approaching deadline. Beers must be received between July 8th and July 12th. Call Tim Nagode (number below) for entry stuff.

2. North Texas State Fair Homebrew Contest - Another excellent Texas competition, sponsored by the Denton Fermented Brewers. Last year we judged, won a couple reibbons and generally had a good time. This year they'll have speakers (George Fix, Al Kinchen), entertainment (Bob Calhoun on bagpipes), a masterbrewer's roundtable, beginning brewing classes, a barbeque and lots of other fun stuff. $5 gets you in at the door to help judge or steward and buys you dinner and beer (until it's gone.) Entries are $5 per and must be in by July 15th (late entries by the 27th at $6 per). An intrepid HPD road dog will make a run to Denton on July 8th, so make arrangements to have your brews chauffeured in comfort to the judging site. We'll take names and accept entries at the July 5th meeting.

3. AHA Mead Magic Club Only Competition - The first club-only mead competition in quite a while. With all the good mead brewers in the club, this should be a good one. Bring entries to the Mead Clinic (see below, we promise they'll make it to the judging!) or drop them off at Professional Brewers (north-siders) or SW Brewing Supply (south-siders) by August 5th.

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IV. Winner's Circle

Joe Bocock called this one. In typical homebrewer style, his Altbier was ready about a week after the club-only Alt/Kolsch competition. With the Greater Wichita Homebrew competition upcoming, he predicted that his Alt would take 1st place. It did. Displaying the style's characteristic balance of maltiness and hoppiness, this one is worth trying.

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V. Beer Evaluation Training

Slowly but surely we're getting this puppy organized. Your ever-vigilant resident BJCP judge-types are taking the time to do things the right way, designing an unparalleled zymurlogical experience for your edification (they also have to get past Little League, work, relocation, family vacations and other aspects of the American Dream.) Seventeen or so aspiring ale appreciators signed up for the seminars at the last meeting and we'll accept more this time. The tentative date for the first session is Saturday, August 17, probably in the late afternoon. There will be a charge of around $5 per person to pay for the beers that are going to be hauled in from all over hell for the tasting portion of the program. It's must-do beer stuff, so sign up!

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VI. Mead Clinic

Once again, it's time for that hallowed summer event, the Mead Clinic. In it's third year, the affair will kick off at 1:30 on Saturday, July 27, poolside at 513 NW 38th (Bocock's - 525-9858.) As always, the program will feature our whiz-bang academicians from UCO who will pontificate on the history and lore of mead (remember your Mythology 101, when Beowulf, Scandinavian super-hero, and Grendel, cannibalistic progeny of Cain, went at it in the mead hall?) Following that, advanced mead brewing tips and techniques will be the order of the day. Handouts, recipes and a zillion or so meads will be on hand. Bring your mead, your favorite date, your swimwear and your munchies. Think mega-mead pool party!!

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VII. New at the Brewshops

Professional Brewers LLC:

New Extracts out the wazoo:

Brewer's Best Kits:

Northwestern Extract: Porter/Stout packs - add one of these packs to a regular NW extract batch to make a Porter, or add two to make a Stout.

This month's classes - Brewing 101 on Saturday, July 6th, 10:00.

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VIII. August Non-Meeting

As usual, there will be no August meeting. Stay at home, sweat it out and brew a mead. It's one of the few beverages you can pull off in the dog days of summer. If you can't stand not attending an HPD event, sign up for the evaluation seminar, it'll be good for you We'll meet again in September.

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That's all for now. If you have comments, contributions, gripes or whatever, feel free to contact one of the newsletter staff. They may be reached (at reasonable hours) at the following numbers: Joe Bocock - 552-2256 Rick Lloyd - 340-1977 Tim Nagode - 728-4957

See you on the 23rd.... Hoppy brewing!!!

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