High Plains Draughters January 1996

INovember Meeting
IIDecember Meeting
IIINext Meeting
IVHail to Ale Club-Only Competition
VLooking Ahead
VIWinner's Circle
VIIUpcoming Regional/National Competitions
IIXNew At The Brewshops

Ok, so the holidays got the best of us. So we didn't really get a December issue out. So we were just having too much fun! OK!? So here's to 1996. Bigger, better, and on time (usually.)

I. November Meeting

The usual gang, along with some newcomers, gathered on Nov. 17th for tips on water treatment for better brewing. We had water analysis sheets for Norman, OKC and Edmond which were used to outline treatment strategies. We talked about specific treatments for brewing to style. And Mr. Brew himself (Jim Andrews) found a great water filter really cheap ( a .05 micron carbon filter for about $20, at Home Depot. We pretty much wiped out their stock the next day.) In addition, there is now a handout available at Professional Brewers LLC containing lots of water treatment articles. Many thanks to Stan Babb for his assistance in this effort.

II. December Meeting

Though it was touted as a Christmas party, some business was handled as well. Winners of the Renowned Brown AHA Club-Only competition were announced. We had about 13 entries, not including the ringers that some yahoo steward chucked into the mix. First place went to Mr. Brew (yes, Jim Andrews) for an excellent English Brown Ale. Second place was split between Stephen C. Law and Joe Bocock.

In addition, the club voted on the 1996 competition format. While we usually do four of the AHA club competitions, this year we're doing all six. You might save this newsletter to plan your brewing schedule if you like competing. Remember, the winner gets a real nice trophy, a couple of days to send their beer off to represent the club in the National AHA Club-Only competition, and a chance to bring glory to the High Plains Draughters. The competitions will be as follows:

Club judging National judging Hail to Ale 1-17-96 1-22-96

Ultimate Alt 3-13-96 3-18-96

Bock is Best 5-3-96 5-13-96

Mead Magic 8-2-96 8-12-96

Best of Fest 10-16-96 10-21-96

Belgian Blockbuster 11-27-96 12-2-96

Entries will be accepted at the HPD gathering prior to the club judging. For example, we will be accepting Hail to Ale entries at the Jan. 12 meeting(details follow.) As usual, entries will be accepted at the brew shop until 5:00 p.m. of judgement day. Per club vote, contestants are limited to one entry per category. Please note that the judging committee reserves the right to change the dates of the club judging. But don't worry, they won't change by much and ample notice will be given

III. Next Meeting

Our January meeting will be during the heart of brewing season on Friday, January 12, 7:30 p.m. at 513 NW 38th. The program, "Brewing Great Bock Beers" , will begin around 7:45. Leading the way will be the club's winning bock brewers, including Stuart Mayer, John Gunser, Steve Law and Mike Bovee (if you guys haven't been notified yet, consider yourself notified!) For you newcomers, the first three guys were the winners of last year's club-only bock competition and Bovee won third in the category at Wichita last year. The timing for this program is right, as the bock competition is in May and bocks will be the featured beer of National Home Brew Day on May 4th. Bring your SO and some suds for a bocking good time.

IV. Hail to Ale Club-Only Competition

The Hail to Ale competition recognizes what is probably the first and foremost transitional beer of all, the pale ale. Lauded for it's clarity and color, pale ale was something of a curiosity when it was first developed in Burton-upon-Trent in mid-eighteenth century England. It evolved into the definitive British beer, whether bottled as pale ale or on draft as bitter. When British brewers made it strong and hopped the bejesus out of it in order to ship it to India in drinkable shape, India Pale Ale was born.

American-style Pale Ales feature domestic hops for bitterness and reflect a softer character all around. American Wheat has been newly moved into this category by the AHA as well. It is characterized by wheat in the grain bill, but none of the estery, clove-like phenolics that traditional German Weizens are known for. It can be fermented either with lager or ale yeast, and is hoppier and more carbonated than it's Deutchlandic relative.

Hail to Ale categories/subcategories are as follows

Classic English Pale Ale (OG=1.044-56, TG=1.008-16) Golden to copper color showing English hops; high bitterness, flavor and aroma; low to medium maltiness and medium body.

India Pale Ale (OG=1.050-70, TG=1.012-18) Intense hop bitterness, high alcohol; water treatment and hops produce dry, crisp beer; golden to deep copper color; hop aroma and flavor moderate to strong; low to medium maltiness and body.

American Pale Ale (OG=1.044-55, TG=1.008-16) Golden to light copper color; American-variety hops used for high bitterness, flavor and aroma; low to medium maltiness; medium body.

American Wheat (OG=1.030-50, TG=1.004-18) Brewed with 30 to 50 percent wheat; higher hop rate and carbonation; fruity/estery aroma and flavor low, no phenolics; golden to light amber in color; body light to medium.

It's probably a little late to brew one up for the competition, but you surely have something like one of these languishing in your stockpile. Bring it to the January meeting or drop it off at the brewshop before 5:00 on Jan. 17th.

V. Looking Ahead...

Our February meeting will feature a program on brewing Altbiers and Kolsh. It is currently scheduled for February 16th. Next month's newsletter will also include some specifics on Altbiers. It is quite a controversial style, with a vague history and characteristics that are bandied about in Dusseldorf pubs regularly. Bring your opinions and share.

VI. Winner's Circle

Ok, we've been waiting for a recipe from Mr. Brew (yes, Jim Andrews), so here are the ingredients for the Renowned Brown winner.

VII. Upcoming Regional/National Competitions

Here's a list of competitions that we anticipate supporting. If you need info on any of these, contact one of the newsletter staff.

February 10, 1996 - Second Annual Spirit of Belgium Homebrew Competition, Washington D.C. Belgian categories only, Master and National BJCP judges.

March 9, 1996 - First deadline for entries for the Bluebonnet Brew Off, held in Irving Texas. (This is the most prestigious of the regional events, attracting some 650 entries in 1995. It is one of the three largest competitions in the nation and site of choice for the BJCP exam. Bring entries to the March meeting or deliver them to Professional Brewers LLC and the club will mail them at no cost to members. The competition will be March 29-30 and a group of HPD members will be traveling to Dallas. If there's enough interest, we might consider a bus for the trip.)

April 1, 1996 is the deadline for your entries into the AHA Nationals.

April 7, 1996 is the deadline for entry for the Third Annual Greater Wichita Homebrew Competition. A good club contingent will travel to the competition on April 12 to help judge. These regional competitions are a great place to get some judging experience. You can almost certainly serve as a steward, if not be seated as a judge, depending upon experience. If you are interested in increasing your knowledge of beer styles and evaluation, these trips are for you.

June 5-8, 1996, National Homebrewers Conference, New Orleans, LA.

VIII. New at the Brewshop

Professional Brewers is the proud sponsor of the trophies for all 1996 club competitions. All entries may be dropped by the shop before 5:00 p.m. on the competition deadline date.

Hops, Hops and More Hops!!! The fall hop harvest has hit, so we're now offering 6 kinds of fresh, whole hops and 3 kinds of imported plugs. New are: Perle - 8.4 AAU Columbus - 15.2 AAU We have new shipments of whole, fresh Cascade, Northern Brewer, Willamette and US Hallertau. Our imported plugs feature Hallertau/Hersbrucker, Saaz and East Kent Goldings.

That Yeast Thang... Look for the new Altbier yeast called "Dusseldorf". We have restocked Red Star Champaign and Montrachet dried yeast. If you want a yeast not currently in stock, we will special order it for you. Call 525-9858 and leave a message about the yeast you need.

A Crushing Blow... Our new low priced roller mills were a big hit at Christmas and have received good reviews. A three roller mill for under $70 is a great way to improve your grain crushing.

A Fine Mess... Additives and Finings is a new brew shop handout that describes all the various additives and fining agents we package ourselves and how to use them. Make sure you pick up one for a reference copy.

That's all for now. If you have comments, contributions, gripes or whatever, feel free to contact one of the newsletter staff. They may be reached (at reasonable hours) at the following numbers: Rick Lloyd - 340-1977 Tim Nagode - 728-4957 Joe Bocock - 552-2256

See you on the 12th.... Hoppy brewing!!!

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