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Beer Gardening
Beer Travels
Belgian Cooking
Brewing Resources
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Beer Gardening


Homegrown Hops: An Illustrated How-to-Do-It Manual (Paperback)
by David R Beach
So, you want to grow your own hops? This book has all the information needed to know what you'd be getting yourself into. This book is full of interesting information on how to grow hops. If you are an avid homebrewer, like me, and want to grow your own hops, this book is basically the bible for doing it. I found it highly informative and useful.

Thad, 2007-12-31


The Homebrewer's Garden: How to Easily Grow, Prepare, and Use Your Own Hops, Malts, Brewing Herbs (Paperback)
by Joe Fisher and Dennis Fisher
If it has commonly been in beer and you want to grow it yourself, this is the book for you. How to grow just about every common herb or other plant that goes into beer.

Thad, 2007-12-31



Beer Travels


The Beer Lover's Guide to the USA : Brewpubs, Taverns, and Good Beer Bars
by Stan Hieronymus, Daria Labinsky, Michael Jackson
A guide to help travelers find the best drinking spot in their destination city.



Belgian Cooking


Belgo Cookbook
by Denis Blais, Andre Plisnier
This book is a mixture of comedy and cooking. The owners of the Belgo restaurants share their enthusiasm for Belgian food and beer. Great fun.


Everybody Eats Well in Belgium Cookbook
by Ruth Van Waerebeek-Gonzalez, Naria Robbins
The hardcore Belgian beer fanatics among the Draughters swear by this book. Much of the book seems to be devoted to dessert recipes (no surprise) but there are still plenty of ideas for main entrees and side dishes.



Brewing Resources


Brew Like a Monk: Trappist, Abbey, and Strong Belgian Ales and How to Brew Them (Paperback)
by Stan Hieronymus
Brew Like a Monk delves into monastic brewing, detailing this rich-flavored region of the beer world. It also examines methods for brewing these unique ales suited to commercial and amateur brewers.

Thad, 2007-12-31


by Ian S. Hornsey
Hornsey, a microbiologist, looks at the historical brewing process and recent developments.


Classic Beer Style Series
by Various (Brewers Publications)
If there is anything a homebrewer wants to know about a specific style, one of these is a definite "can't go wrong" choice. Everything about a particular style is in each of these books in the series. From history to techinique. The series includes styels (by various authors)such as; Altbier, Barley Wine, Bavarian Helles, Belgian Ale, Bock, Brown Ale, Continental Pilsener, German Wheat, Kolsch, Mild Ale, Maerzen (Octoberfest), Pale Ale, Porter, Scotch Ale, and Stout.

Thad, 2007-12-31


Designing Great Beers: The Ultimate Guide to Brewing Classic Beer Styles (Paperback)
by Ray Daniels
If there is only one book to have in your advanced brewing library, this is it. From A to Z this book covers it all in an easy to read and follow manner. While stylistically speaking this book is a little out of date, the core information for what it takes to formulate you own beer recipes is all here.

Thad, 2007-12-31


Farmhouse Ales: Culture and Craftsmanship in the European Tradition (Paperback)
by Phil Markowski
Farmhouse Ales defines the results of years of evolution, refinement, of simple rustic ales in modern and historical terms, while guiding today's brewers toward credible--and enjoyable--reproductions of these old world classics

Thad, 2007-12-31


How to Brew: Everything You Need To Know To Brew Beer Right The First Time (Paperback)
by John Palmer
This is the first book the new brewer should consider. Very easy to read and follow giving the new and advanced brewers techniques to follow through toward the perfection of this craft. Everything needed to brew beer right the first time. Presented in a light-hearted style without frivolous interruptions, this authoritative text introduces brewing in a easy step-by-step review.

Thad, 2007-12-31


New Brewing Lager Beer: The Most Comprehensive Book for Home and Microbrewers (Paperback)
by Gregory J Noonan
While this book does cover more than Lagering, if you've ever considered making the style this book is a must. This book offers a thorough yet practical education on the theory and techniques required to produce high-quality beers using all-grain methods either at home or in a small commercial brewery.

Thad, 2007-12-31


Principles of Brewing Science, Second Edition
by George J. Fix
This is the indispensable handbook for the student of homebrewing chemistry and microbiology. Another text recommended for BJCP candidates.


Radical Brewing: Recipes, Tales and World-Altering Meditations in a Glass (Paperback)
by Randy Mosher
Famed beer writer Michael Jackson once called Mosher "some kind of homebrewing genius" and in the forward to Radical Brewing, he further lionizes this genius, saying "His activities are probably a threat to our morals. Passion, imagination and tenacity are a challenge to the established order." These two masters of beer have collaborated in the past, as Jackson notes when he tells how Mosher accurately recreated the flavor of a now-lost beer style that even Jackson had only once tasted himself. And though Jackson’s accolades for Mosher are great, one can only imagine that they will pale as practicing brewers of all stripes begin to digest Mosher’s treasure-trove of beer ideas and render their own reviews of this delightful book.

Thad, 2007-12-31


Wild Brews: Culture and Craftsmanship in the Belgian Tradition (Paperback)
by Jeff Sparrow
The definitive resource on homebrewing sour ales. Explores the world of Lambics, Flanders red and Flanders brown beers as well as the many new American beers produced in the similar style

Thad, 2007-12-31



New for 2008


Brewing Classic Styles: 80 Winning Recipes Anyone Can Brew (Paperback)
by Jamil Zaineshef and John Palmer
Award-winning brewer Jamil Zainasheff teams up with homebrewing expert John J. Palmer to share recipes for all of the 80-plus competition styles. This book presents every award-winning recipe in both extract with grain and all-grain brewing formats, making them accessible to brewers of all skill levels. Each recipe includes specific tips for understanding the style and tips for brewing a great example suitable for competition or impressing your friends. The duo also gives sure-footed guidance on selecting ingredients, making starters, and other techniques useful for reproducing these classic and modern beer styles.

Thad, 2007-12-31





A Sip Through Time - A Collection of Old Brewing Recipes
by Cindy Renfrow
I own this book and I think it's unbeatable for historic brewing recipes. This is a recipe book, not a history book. Renfrow provides recipes for the expected classifications of beer, ale, mead and wine. Then whole chapters are devoted to obscure brews like "Caudles, Possets & Syllabubs" and "Hypocras." Another chapter collects recipes for "Cider & Perry."



Extreme Brewing: An Enthusiast's Guide to Brewing Craft Beer at Home (Paperback)
by Sam Caligione
Well, this one is both a resource and a recipe book. Authored by the founder of Dog Fish Head Brewing Company. Extreme Brewing is a recipe-driven resource for aspiring home brewers who are interested in recreating these specialty beers at home, but don't have the time to learn the in-depth science and lore behind home-brewing. As such, all recipes are malt-syrup based (the simplest brewing method) with variations for partial-grain brewing. While recipes are included for classic beer styles -- ales and lagers -- Extreme Brewing has a unique emphasis on hybrid styles that use fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices to create unique flavor combinations. Once their brew is complete, readers can turn to section three, The Rewards of Your Labor, to receive guidance on presentation, including corking, bottle selection and labeling as well as detailed information on food pairings, including recipes for beer infused dishes and fun ideas for themed dinners that tallow the reader to share their creations with family and friends.

Thad, 2007-12-13


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